Ailurophilia Home Page


Hi there, pleased to meet you! My name is Sylvia, and I live in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. I have five offspring (I daren’t refer to them as ‘children’ any more; the youngest is married now with a child of his own, and four of them are bigger than me!), and ten beautiful grandchildren.

As a lifelong cat-lover, I have a large and still-growing collection of cat humour, pictures, poems, stories, etc., which I intend (copyright restrictions permitting) to copy into these pages. Almost all of this material has been gathered from magazines, from books, and from other websites, but I have done my best to check that I am not infringing anyone’s copyright. (If I am mistaken please let me know.) For your convenience, every page is individually linked from the sidebar. I hope you find something to enjoy here.


9 Responses to “Ailurophilia Home Page”

  1. And I’m also a Ailurophilia. I love my cat so much T-T

  2. Just found your page!! I am sans cats at the moment, sob. So nice to meet people who are ailurophiles:-).

    I will check back in – I am serialising my life with cats and I enjoy writing each post. Such good fun even though a tear occasionally drops as I remember each and every one.

  3. This is the kitty web page I have been looking for! Thanks so much.

  4. best site ever!

  5. I have a real problem. And I don’t know how to deal with it … :( :(( :(((

    It’s called

  6. We have a Tortie too – aptly named Princess! She is the MOST aloof cat I have ever known. We got her as a kitten and she is now 8 years and still she is not a cuddle cat by ANY means – but we love her anyway – for her quirkiness.

  7. Love this website. Will be back often. Thanks

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