Ailurophilia Home Page

Hi there, pleased to meet you! My name is Sylvia, and I live in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. I have five offspring (I daren’t refer to them as ‘children’ any more; the youngest is nineteen now, and four of them are bigger than me!), and two beautiful grandchildren.

The three youngest offspring still live at home with me, but the undisputed ruler of our establishment is a young tortoiseshell named Missy.

As a lifelong cat-lover, I have a large and still-growing collection of cat humour, pictures, poems, stories, etc., which I intend (copyright restrictions permitting) to copy into these pages. Almost all of this material has been gathered from magazines, from books, and from other websites, but I have done my best to check that I am not infringing anyone’s copyright. (If I am mistaken please let me know.) For your convenience, every page is individually linked from the sidebar. I hope you find something to enjoy here.

7 Responses to “Ailurophilia Home Page”

  1. And I’m also a Ailurophilia. I love my cat so much T-T

  2. Just found your page!! I am sans cats at the moment, sob. So nice to meet people who are ailurophiles:-).

    I will check back in – I am serialising my life with cats and I enjoy writing each post. Such good fun even though a tear occasionally drops as I remember each and every one.

  3. This is the kitty web page I have been looking for! Thanks so much.

  4. best site ever!

  5. I have a real problem. And I don’t know how to deal with it … :( :(( :(((

    It’s called

  6. We have a Tortie too – aptly named Princess! She is the MOST aloof cat I have ever known. We got her as a kitten and she is now 8 years and still she is not a cuddle cat by ANY means – but we love her anyway – for her quirkiness.

  7. Love this website. Will be back often. Thanks

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