Cat in Heaven

One day, a cat died of natural causes, and woke up in Heaven.

As is His custom when a really good soul arrives there, the Lord Himself greeted the cat. “Hello, Little Cat. You were a very good cat while you lived on Earth. I’d like to do something special for you, as you deserve a reward. Just name it, and it’s yours.”

The cat thought for a moment, then replied, “Well, Your Majesty, all my life I lived with a poor family. They were very kind to me, but they had so little money, we had no soft carpet. I slept on a hard, wooden floor, and it did make my bones ache, especially as I got older.”

“Say no more,” said the Lord. “I know just what you need,” and a soft, fluffy pillow appeared. The cat wasted no time in snuggling down on it, and he sighed with utter pleasure, as only a cat can sigh. The Lord petted the cat, and he fell fast asleep. When He was certain that puss was sound asleep, The Lord stole quietly away.

A few days later, a group of (very good) mice died in a tragic farming accident, and woke up in Heaven. The Lord met them, and made them the same offer.

After conferring amongst themselves for a bit, one mouse was elected to speak for the rest. He bowed low and said, “Sir, all our lives we were on the run. We were forever being chased — by everything and everyone! We were pursued by dogs, cats, even women with brooms! Sir, we are just really tired of running. If You could find some way to save our weary little feet…”

The Lord stopped him and said, “Say no more! I have just the thing!” and all the mice were instantly fitted with tiny 24-carat gold skates. Some got in-lines, others box style. They squeaked with delight. They began playing mousey games of chase, racing, and hide-and-go-seek, a few of the younger ones even doing trick skating. Seeing that He had obviously pleased them, the Lord laughed and stole away, leaving them to their merriment and fun.

About a week later, the Lord decided to go see if the cat was still as happy as He’d left him. He found him, still snoozing on the same fluffy pillow. He gently awakened the cat, who stretched and yawned mightily, as only a cat can stretch and yawn.

“How are you, Cat?” the Lord asked, smiling. “Still happy? Is Heaven to your liking?”

The cat looked up and said, “Oh, yes, Sir! Why, I never in my wildest dreams imagined life could be this wonderful! I can sleep without fear of being interrupted or, worse, chased by dogs. I get all the tuna and shrimp I can eat. The days are warm, and the pillow You gave me is still as soft as ever. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything You’ve given me! But, most of all, I’d like to thank you for those marvelous meals on wheels You’ve been sending by!”


One Response to “Cat in Heaven”

  1. Once again, I came away from another one of your stories in a jocular mood. Thanks!

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