How to make cookies

1. Open cookbook to look for recipe.

2. Fetch cup of coffee.

3. Remove cat from cookbook.

4. Find a mouth-watering cookie recipe.

5. Remove cat’s nose from coffee mug.

6. Get eggs from fridge.

7. Get dry ingredients from cupboard.

8. Break eggs into small bowl.

9. Sift dry ingredients into large bowl.

10. Answer telephone.

11. Get more eggs from fridge to replace those eaten by cat.

12. Remove cat from flour bowl and dust cat off.

13. Get Band-Aids for cat scratches on hands.

14. Throw flour out and get more.

15. Preheat oven for cookies, resisting urge to toss cat in oven.

16. Watch cat disappear into bathroom.

17. Flour counter to roll out cookie dough.

18. Run to investigate crashes reverberating from bathroom.

19. Observe that cat has strewn toilet paper all over floor and knocked makeup and toiletries off counter.

20. Yell at cat, who falls into toilet bowl.

21. Remove cat from toilet and dry cat off.

22. Retrieve bandages to cover more scratches on arms and legs.

23. Clean up bathroom.

24. Return to kitchen.

25. Remove cat from floured kitchen counter.

26. Try to pick out cat hairs from flour.

27. Step on cat’s tail and get bitten.

28. Clean and bandage bitten leg.

29. Put away unused ingredients and clean up kitchen.

30. Go to store to buy cookies and replacement bandages.


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